STEICO at Futurebuild 2019

» Let’s make 2019 the year that the construction industry starts working together and puts the health and well-being of occupants at the forefront of its aims «

As part of its commitment to healthy buildings, STEICO is using Futurebuild 2019 to launch its ‘GREEN LEAF CAMPAIGN’

Targeted at all sections of the UK construction industry, the ‘GREEN LEAF CAMPAIGN’ aims to highlight the positive impact that natural materials can have on the built environment and human health.

We are therefore asking all interested and concerned parties to sign up to the campaign and commit to the promotion and use of natural materials. It doesn’t matter if this involves small one off renovations or large scale residential or commercial developments, the principle remains the same.

So why not show your commitment and help to revolutionise the buildings that we live in and the way that we build them.



A building is healthy if it doesn’t harm the environment or its occupants. A building is healthy if it enhances the well-being of its occupants.


The ‘GREEN LEAF CAMPAIGN’ allows you to commit to the construction of healthy buildings and the use of natural materials.


Use the ‘GREEN LEAF’ and show you are committed to creating healthy buildings

If you already create healthy buildings then use the ‘SILVER LEAF’ to promote this positive approach

If you create exemplary healthy buildings and they are at the core of your approach then use the ‘GOLD LEAF’

You can sign out from the STEICO 'GREEN LEAF CAMPAIGN' here.


The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is the UK timber trade body. The TTF mission is to grow the use of wood in the UK and help its members maximise the opportunities of this growing market.  The TTF is a membership body for the timber supply chain, whose members constitute Timber Importers, Merchants, Agents, Manufacturers and account for around two thirds of the £10 billion UK timber industry.


TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association) is an international membership organisation dedicated to inspiring and informing best practice design, specification and use of wood in the built environment and related fields. TRADA pride themselves in providing independent, authoritative design and technical guidance though its website, on-line software, printed calculations, e-books and telephone helpline. TRADA link specifiers and purchasers with timber industry members through their ‘Find a Supplier’ directory.


As the UK’s leading organisation representing the structural timber sector and associated supply chain companies, the STA has an objective to drive quality and product innovation through expert technical guidance and research - underpinned by education, training and event programmes.


The ASBP is all about the products. The physical stuff we build with. The ASBP champion products that are better for us and the environment as well as those companies and organisations prepared to push the boundaries. They seek to support industry to make better decisions and legislators to make better policy. The ASBP work from a position of independence from government and from short term commercial interests. We're driven by our mission and our legitimacy flows from our committed and diverse membership.

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