Factory completed in record time. Multiple applications

STEICO LVL is made of multiple layers of approximately 3mm thick, glued together softwood veneers. The natural defects of softwood are limited to each single veneer by the peeling process and distributed evenly throughout the STEICO LVL during its manufacture. This results in a much more homogeneous product with higher strength.

In addition STEICO LVL is delivered at a moisture content of approx. 9% which ensures that twisting

or cracking is virtually eliminated.

STEICO LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber belongs to one of the most resilient categories of timber building material available. Whether for modern timber construction or industrial applications STEICO LVL excels due to its strength, durability and dimensional stability.

STEICO LVL is available today at widths up to 1.25m, and due to the new plant we can now offer widths up to 2.50m, thicknesses from 21 – 90mm and lengths up to 18m.

The finishes available range from simple blanks to high precision profiling and sanding through to light coloured glues and sorted veneers for visual applications.

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