New STEICOdurelisdek boosts on site floor deck performance with triple protection

Following a consultation and trial period market leading I Joist supplier STEICO have introduced a complimentary decking product which offers the very best on site protection for the timber floor and allows builders and developers to source the complete floor system from a single source.

STEICOdurelisdek features triple protection avoiding excessive swelling of the board substrate even in the most hostile of situations on site.

(1) The Durelis board from Unilin Panels is a higher surface density P5 particle board with unique “Top Surface” technology making it far less prone to moisture related swelling and thermal expansion.

(2) The top surface has an additional wax sealer applied which adds further protection and allows the finished floor to be cleaned easily for a pristine finish on handover.

(3) A final proven slip resistant and durable blue peel off layer together with a customised fixing kit protects the floor for the exposed construction period.

(4) STEICOdurelisdek is also available with a permanent waterproof acrylic surface sealer in place of a peel off layer which offers a similar level of protection speeds up the build process and avoids waste going to land fill.

Andy Moore, STEICO UK Managing Director (Sales) says “For quite a time we have been concerned about the level of onsite deterioration on decking used externally with I Joist systems. Excessive swelling and movement of the decking following temporary exposure to the elements can lead to noisy squeaky floors, compromised acoustic integrity and in worst cases a loss of structural performance. Having to sand swollen joints and cut in additional expansion gaps is sadly an all too often necessity and adds additional costs for the builder. We have worked hard with our partners Price & Pierce (Unilin Panels) to develop this new triple protected enhanced floor deck which builds in real durability and performance without adding significantly to cost. STEICOdurelisdek offers suppliers, users and developers peace of mind and the chance to purchase the complete floor system from one source with best in class performance assured”.

Stephen Pitt, Director, Price & Pierce says “ Since taking on the Unilin Panels agency in 2011 we have worked hard to build the brand awareness of Durelis board in the UK and today many distributors and end users are experiencing the exceptional quality, durability and performance of Durelis in floor, wall and roof applications. The partnership with I Joist experts STEICO UK predominantly in the new build floor arena opens up a new and exciting market for us and one where the integral qualities of the Durelis board are perfectly suited”.

To arrange a site trial or for further information on this exciting new decking product or for any other STEICO engineered wood or natural wood fibre insulation products contact:

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