STEICOunderfloor LVT – the innovative underlay for design/vinyl floors

First-class sound insulation with 19dB impact sound insulation

Modern LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and design floors are characterised by robustness, easy installation and versatile looks. In the flooring sector, high-quality products made from renewable raw materials are in demand, and the new STEICOunderfloor LVT underlay goes with the trend towards more sustainability.

Made of resource-saving wood fibre, the insulation boards are developed for the single-layer floating installation of vinyl and design floor coverings of MMFA underlay group 2: LVT without HDF support, Click LVT and Rigid LVT. With an impact sound insulation of 19 dB, first-class sound insulation is achieved.

Structured underside

The specially structured underside prevents punctual unevenness in the subfloor from showing on the floor covering. The high compressive strength (>600 kPa) provides maximum safety and the walking surface is effectively protected from damage. STEICOunderfloor LVT is manufactured without additional binders and contributes to a healthy indoor climate.



Low construction height, easy installation

The board thickness of only 2.3 mm makes STEICOunderfloor LVT the perfect underlay for both new construction and renovation projects, which are often limited in terms of installation height. Due to its low thickness, the underlay is also ideally suited for underfloor heating systems.

One of the handy packages contains 15 STEICOunderfloor LVT boards for an area of 7.0 m2. The board format of 790 x 590 mm allows for quick installation, and cuts can be made easily with a cutter knife.

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