STEICOunderfloor -
the green impact sound insulation

Up to 19dB impact sound insulation for laminate and parquet flooring

With the STEICOunderfloor impact sound insulation, the living comfort on floating laminate and prefabricated parquet floors can be improved all round. The STEICOunderfloor underlay offers excellent impact sound insulation of up to 19 dB. The walking noise is significantly quieter. This pleases all neighbours and flatmates. At the same time, the ecological insulation boards improve the room sound by up to 15 dB. The typical walking noise on laminate becomes significantly muffled, which is perceived as very pleasant.

Important for floor click systems is the high compressive strength of up to 15 tonnes/m2. Thanks to the stable fibre structure, the board is particularly durable and can compensate for uneven spots in the subfloor. Installation is quick and easy. 

Healthy living starts with the right flooring underlay

STEICO underfloor

Ecological wood fibre insulation boards with maximum compressive strength and excellent impact sound insulation. With thicknesses of 3, 4, 5 and 7 mm, STEICOunderfloor underlays are ideal for low installation heights (e.g. for renovations) and can compensate for uneven floors. STEICOunderfloor underlays are suitable for floor heating systems.

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The Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim (IBR) tests products with regard to their health effects on humans and is one of the most respected testing institutes in Germany. The IBR test seal certifies that STEICOunderfloor is harmless from a building biology point of view – this means that the impact sound insulation boards can contribute to well-being and a sense of well-being in your own home.


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