Installation of STEICOtradejoist

STEICOtradejoist is a building system for floors, roofs and walls. You can find more information about this product here.

This short animation shows how to install STEICOtradejoist.

STEICO Europe’s largest manufacturer of engineered timber floor joists and preferred supplier for many of the UK’s top house builders offers a bespoke and enhanced floor and roof joist designed especially for the smaller developer and renovator.

New STEICOtradejoist supplied off the shelf from timber and builder’s merchant outlets offers a simpler engineered timber floor solution for house building, self build, and home improvement or renovation projects.

The complete STEICOfloor kit  combining STEICOtradejoist beams with either STEICOweatherdek or new weatherprotect flooring panels and fixing accessories ensures a superior floor performance which when fixed correctly will be virtually noise free in use.

Andy Moore, managing director of STEICO UK Limited said:

“With the down turn in UK housing starts looking set to continue for the foreseeable future it is vital we look to expand the use of I Joists into new and emerging markets including wall studs, roofs, roof systems, industrial applications and most importantly to the mainly untapped smaller builder, refurbishment and improvement sectors. There has always been a good deal of “smoke and mirrors” concerning the supply, design and use of I Joists and the launch of our new tradejoist initiative is a positive move to simplify the I Joist experience for smaller users and developers and to open up the supply chain to non specialist merchant customers”.

New STEICO radejoist uses a simplified single specification TJ60 / 220mm deep I joist format available off the shelf in three cut lengths 3.6, 4.8 and 6.0M. All the accessory products are provided to complete the project.


  • Spans up to 5.0M for standard loads
  • Solid timber flange for ease of fixing
  • Colour coated for enhanced moisture resistance
  • All beams clearly stamped with usage criteria
  • STEICO complete floor kits, properly fixed eliminates floor squeaks
  • Light weight and easy to cut
  • Ease of access for service runs

Matching rectangular sections of Laminated Veneer Lumber are supplied alongside to complete the fully engineered floor. Full usage instructions are included and technical advice is readily available from our support team.

All STEICOjoist products feature FSC certification and Chain of Custody together with full European Technical Approval. STEICO and its network of I Joist supply partners can also offer a full floor design service if required.


Details of the full product range and availability can be obtained from STEICO UK Limited, 3 Eden Brae Business Park, Dunstable Road, Caddington, Bedforshire, LU1 4FF. Tel: 01727 515120. Fax: 01727 836392. Email:  Website:

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