STEICO refurbishment solutions

Old houses, new insulation - the winning combination environmentally and financially

Many older houses in the UK are unable to meet the current requirements for energy consumption and thermal efficiency. With a few simple measures the building can be upgraded, saving you money and reducing your energy emissions.

With ever increasing gas, oil, electricty and solid fuel prices, the cost of heating and cooling your house is becoming an ever increasing concern for many householders.

There is no reason to accept this situation. With the correct measures most old buildings can be improved to a level which corresponds to or even exceeds the performance of a new building. Choosing the correct insulation is particularly important and with STEICO you can improve your environmental impact at the same time.

Refurbishment, the investment which pays for itself

With the STEICO system approach you achieve double the benefits. Owing to the special advantages of the natural fibres, your property will retain the warmth in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer. STEICO products will insulate your wallet against increasing fuel bills.

The capital outlay in the renovation soon shows savings to offset the initial investment, often paying for itself after only a few years. .

A redevelopment can also extend the life span of your property, increases the resale value and permanently lowers maintenance costs.

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