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STEICO - committed to the environment

STEICO products are designed to be ecological in many ways.

A well insulated house will use considerably less energy that one which isn't and consequently reduce the emissions from your household. It is not only retaining the heat during a cold winter which is important but also maintaining cooler, comfortable conditions during the summer which should be considered. Steico insulation products are designed to meet both these functions, reducing your energy consumption and emissions throughout the year.

In addition to reducing the energy emissions from your house, the wood fibre used in STEICO products has the ability to reduce global CO2 during the plant's growth phase. As the forests from which our raw material is sourced grow, each tree will bind and withdraw CO2 from the atmosphere. Timber is a unique material in that for each 1 m3 used, up to 1 tonne of CO2 is bound within the product. In the form of insulating materials this CO2 remains bound in the wood fibres for the entire lifetime of the product. 
It has been calculated that the STEICO insulating material used to completely insulate an average single family house, binds as much CO2 as a small car emits in the course of travelling 30,000 miles.

At the end of a products life, due to lack of artificial additives, STEICO products are easily recycled or may even be composted to provide a valuable soil conditioner. One of our key by-products are growing bags for tomato and other agricultural producers.

Ecology begins for STEICO with the procurement and production of our raw materials. The wood for our products originates from forests which are manged in accordance with the strict rules of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) or the PEFC (programs for the Endorsement Of Forest Certification Schemes). We are committed to ensuring that all our timber originates from managed forests and that all our suppliers are required to consider the impact of their farming and their social requirements.

At our manufacturing locations we protect the environment by recycling all the water used in the production process and then removing any pollutants prior to disposal. 

Our recently commissioned biomass power station at the Czarnków facility is already showing savings of approximately 30% on our use of fossil fuels. A similar power station is currently being established at the Casteljaloux facility.

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