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STEICOflex is a flexible wood fibre insulation: it entails no harming ingredients. It has excellent thermal properties and protects against cold and heat. It can be used in new build and renovation, and is healthy for the home and for the planet.

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Supporting the COP 26 house from Beyond Zero Homes

In November the UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Conference (COP26). STEICO supports the 'Beyond Zero Homes Initiative' which will demonstrate the possibilities of zero carbon building.

Help reduce the impact of climate change with STEICO wood fibre insulation

See how the natural wood fibre insulation from STEICO stores carbon within the fabric of the Zero Carbon House, developed by Beyond Zero Homes at COP26.

STEICO insulation featured in the COP 26 house

The timber frame COP26 House showcases zero carbon, circular solutions in building, and living, using standard materials and skills available today. The house uses a range of STEICO wood fibre insulations in order to achieve its goals


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