STEICO UK – A healthy business model.

STEICO offers its customers ecological construction products from renewable raw materials and has been able to position itself in its thirty-five-year history as a system provider for ecological house building and innovation drivers. As the industry's only manufacturer, STEICO offers an integrated timber construction system that complements insulation materials and structural components.

STEICO UK in Caddington near Luton is home to the UK sales, distribution and technical team for the UK and Ireland. In only few years the UK market has been developed such that it has become the largest outlet for engineered I-joists in the STEICO group and the driving force behind technical software and product development.

STEICO is a major supplier of I-joists to the new build residential and commercial market and via a unique network of highly skilled dealers supplies many of the major house builders in the UK. STEICO is engaged in a “supporting healthy buildings” campaign across the UK to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of using its ecological wood fibre insulations and is collaborating with many organisations to endorse the credentials of natural materials in the built environment. STEICO is actively driving the trend amongst architects and specifiers to select natural, breathable wood fibre solutions that meet the UK government’s ambition for healthy homes and buildings.

STEICO UK are an experienced and capable team of dedicated professionals located throughout the UK and are able to offer commercial and technical advice on products and building compatibility for the STEICO ecological range of structural and insulation products.

“With an annual production capacity of 4 million m3 of ecological insulation materials one can insulate more than 53,000 homes."

STEICO sites

Feldkirchen near Munich

STEICO’s group headquarters with around 150 employees are located in Feldkirchen near Munich. Our sales department is controlled from these offices. In addition, the application technology, research and development and financial management departments are located in Feldkirchen. At the same time, our headquarters serve as a showroom for the STEICO construction system. Of course, we only used our own materials to build our headquarters. Thanks to its outstanding energy efficiency and the use of photovoltaics, our company headquarters generate more energy than is needed for operation (plus-energy building).

Czarnków, Poland

In Poland, STEICO has a site covering approximately 100 hectares in Czarnków (around 60 km from Poznan). Production is in line with ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management using state-of-the-art equipment. The STEICO plant in Czarnków is the world's largest integrated plant for the production of wood fibre insulation materials.

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    Production lines for stable wood-fibre insulation boards made by the wet process

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    Production lines for stable wood-fibre insulation boards made by the dry process

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    Production lines for flexible wood-fibre insulation mats STEICOflex

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    Production line for wood-fibre air injected insulation

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    Production line for cellulose air-injected insulation

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    Production line for I-joists

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    Production line for prefabricated building elements (walls)

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    Production lines for prefabricated building elements (floors and roofs)

Czarna Woda, Poland

The Czarna Woda site is located in the north of Poland - around 60km from Gdansk and thus in the immediate vicinity of an international port. At this site of approx. 80 hectare STEICO manufactures not only wood fibre insulation materials and hardboard, but also, in particular, STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber. To this end, STEICO operates two state-of-the-art plants (commissioned in 2016 and 2019).

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    Production lines for laminated veneer lumber

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    Production lines for stable wood-fibre insulation boards made by the wet process  (1 under construction)

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    Production lines for natural fibre boards (hardboards)

Gromadka, Poland

At the Gromadka site (around 60 km east of Görlitz), STEICO is currently building a new insulation materials plant on a site covering around 18.6 hectares. The location is characterised by excellent transport links and, due to its central European location, allows all important markets to be supplied with short transport paths.

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    Production lines for flexible wood-fibre mat STEICOflex (start of construction in summer  2021)

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    Production line for stable wood-fibre insulation boards mady by the dry process (start of construction in summer  2021)

Casteljaloux, France

At the French site of Casteljaloux (near Bordeaux), STEICO has a total area of 34 hectares, of which 9 hectares are currently used for production. The site is ideally located to supply the French market and neighbouring southern European markets such as Spain and parts of Italy.

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    Production lines for flexible wood-fibre mats (STEICOflex)

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    Production lines for stable wood-fibre insulation boards made by the dry process (under construction)

Sustainability out of conviction

STEICO has always stood for responsible use of natural resources. The STEICO Group's actions are economically, ecologically and socially responsible and thus form the basis for sustainable growth.


STEICO Quality – independently certified

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

The PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certifies that STEICO only uses wood from responsible forestry. You can find more information about STEICO certification at


IBR (Institut für Baubiologie in Rosenheim)

The IBR is one of the most respected testing institutes in Germany. The IBR test seal certifies that STEICO products are harmless in terms of building biology – they contribute to healthy homes and a feeling of well-being in the home.

IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt)

The Institute for Building and the Environment (IBU) prepares environmental declarations (EPDs) of eco-label type III in accordance with ISO and CEN standards. With the preparation of the EPDs, STEICO provides comprehensive information on the environmental impact of the ecological products over their entire life cycle.


The Keymark certification stands for the high quality of the STEICO range. The uniform European certification mark for standardised products documents the compliance of products with European norms and quality standards.


The STEICO construction system is certified as a component according to the standards of the Passivhaus Institute Dr. Wolfgang Feist. This means that the planner can draw on a large number of defined construction details. This means that passive houses can be built particularly easily and economically with the STEICO construction system.


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