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STEICOflex, low carbon insulation

STEICOflex is a flexible wood fibre insulation. Its excellent thermal properties help reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to photosynthesis, STEICOflex also stores CO2: trees absorb CO2 during photosynthesis and the carbon stays in the end product. More CO2 is stored in the insulation than is used during its production – it is carbon negative.

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For a healthy home

STEICOflex is made out of fresh coniferous wood and it entails no harming ingredients. The IBR is one of the most respected testing institutes in Germany. The IBR test seal certifies that STEICO products are harmless in terms of building biology. They contribute to healthy internal climate and a feeling of well-being in the home.

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Cold protection

With a lambda value of 0.036 W/(m*K) only, STEICOflex has one of the best thermal performance value of any natural insulation materials.  It means that it offers the best cold protection and reduces heating costs. High performance insulation is a good investment: it lowers heating bills and increases the value of the property.

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Excellent heat protection

Thanks to its high heat storage capacity, STEICOflex can buffer summer heat over a period of several hours. The majority of external heat fails to penetrate the building fabric and overheating of the living space is both delayed and reduced. During the evening and night time, when it is cooler, the stored heat can then escape outwards again. Wood fibre insulation materials ensure a better heat protection than synthetic insulation materials.

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Sound protection

STEICOflex makes an important contribution to noise protection. The high bulk density (volume weight) in combination with the unique fibre structure allow for high-performance sound insulation constructions.

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Sustainable forestry

STEICOflex is made out of fresh coniferous wood with FSC and PEFC certification. Sustainably managed forests and utilisation of the wood contribute more to climate protection than natural forests.This is because when the wood of dead trees rot, the CO2 stored in it is released again. Over the long term, a natural forest achieves a biological equilibrium in which, on average, as much CO2 is bound as is released. The CO2 balance is in equilibrium. A positive CO2 balance can only be achieved by harvesting trees, using their wood for material purposes and replanting young trees, which then actively bind CO2 again.

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For roof, wall and floor insulation

STEICOflex can be used in new build or for renovation in roofs, facades and floors. In the attic, the flex batts can be laid between the trusses. It can be used in the roof between the joists, in the facade between wall studs with an ETIC board like STEICOduo dry on top.

STEICOflex can be cut with any kind of saw. It is quick and easy to install, requires no specialist PPE and is an ideal solution for both professional installers and DIY projects.

You can click on the pictures for more information about the different constructions.

Tutorial - Roof renovation with STEICOflex



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