STEICOflex – the insulation batt with CO2 storage effect

STEICOflex – flexible, ecological thermal insulation made from natural wood fibres

STEICOflex has the lowest thermal conductivity of all common natural insulating materials and is suitable for use as compartment insulation throughout the entire building. STEICOflex adapts seamlessly to the limiting building components and, like all STEICO wood fibre insulation materials, offers numerous advantages:

Excellent cold protection

STEICO insulation materials: cold protection, climate protection and heating cost reduction in one.


Protection from summer heat

STEICO wood-fibre insulation materials are leading in summer heat protection.


Healthy homes

Ecological STEICO insulating materials: a contribution to more healthy homes.



Diffusion openess protects against mould and supports a healthy indoor climate


Sound protection

Pleasant peace and quiet within your own four walls with STEICO insulation materials.


Fire protection

Just in case: reliable fire protection up to REI 90.


Stores 85kg CO2 per m3

Like all wood products, STEICOflex stores CO2: up to 85 kg/m3. Since insulation materials are installed in relatively large volumes, this adds up to considerable amounts. The CO2 stored in this way remains in the atmosphere for a long time - and that is important for slowing down global warming.

The wood for all STEICO wood fibre insulating materials comes from forests close to the factory with sustainable, FSC® or PEFC-certified forestry. Fresh thinning and residual wood is used for STEICOflex.

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Leading heat protection - comfortable climate even on hot days

With a specific heat capacity of 2100 J/(kg*K), wood fibre insulation offers the best heat protection of all common insulation materials. The heat of the day is buffered in the insulation material until the cooler evening hours. In the cool evening hours, the heat can be dissipated to the outside again.

Independent studies show that the days with unpleasantly high indoor temperatures can be almost halved by using wood fibre insulation materials.

So you can enjoy your home even in the hot season.

Breathable construction

Like all STEICO wood fibre insulating materials, STEICOflex is also particularly open to diffusion and at the same time capable of sorption. This keeps the construction permanently dry and protected from mould and moisture damage.

More about moisture protection

Sound protection

STEICOflex makes an important contribution to noise protection. The high bulk density (volume weight) in combination with the unique fibre structure allow for high-performance sound insulation constructions.

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