Brick and wood fibre: it fits!

Most old brick buildings have a rock-solid structure. Like wood, bricks are also natural building materials and bring positive qualities into the house. It is only in terms of energy that old brickwork is not up to date. With the STEICOprotect 037 façade insulation system, these houses can be future proofed to protect from rising energy costs.

Best insulation performance with natural insulation materials

The so-called lambda value (λ) is important for cold protection. The lower the value, the better the insulating performance of a material. With a nominal value of λD 0.037, STEICOprotect 037 has the lowest thermal conductivity that can currently be achieved in façade insulation made from renewable raw materials.

Save CO₂, reduce heating costs, increase property value

Invest in the value of your home. The use of natural building materials can help to increase the resale value and lifespan of your property in the long term.

A typical façade insulation with STEICO products binds 6 tonnes of CO₂. This corresponds to the emissions caused by an average car driver in six years.

Intelligent moisture management

STEICOprotect 037 insulation boards are open to diffusion, i.e. vapour-permeable and moisture-regulating. They do not trap moisture like some synthetic façade insulation.

STEICOprotect 037 insulation boards are therefore perfectly matched to the physical properties of brickwork. The wall can continue to "breathe". This keeps the building structure dry - mould has no chance.

Green is good. But not on the façade.

External thermal insulation composite systems with STEICOprotect 037 wood fibre insulation boards offer natural protection against algae and fungi on the façade. The secret is their particularly high heat storage capacity.

During the day, the insulation boards absorb the heat of the day. Due to their high heat storage capacity, the façade cools down only very slowly in the evening. The surface remains warmer than with many conventional insulation materials. In turn, only little humidity condenses on warm surfaces. And drier surfaces deprive algae and fungi of the basis for life.

Renovation type: Single layer external insulation

The modernised wall with the STEICO insulation system

  1. Existing solid brick wall
  2. Render bonding coat
  3. 180mm STEICOprotect dry M
  4. Lime base coat, mesh and lime finish coat

Renovation type: Multi layer external insulation

The modernised wall with the STEICO insulation system

  1. Existing solid brick wall
  2. 160 mm STEICOjoist (SJL60/160 @ 600mm centres) used as a spacer
  3. Voids filled with cavity insulation STEICOzell / STEICOflex 036
  4. 40mm STEICOduo dry
  5. Lime base coat, mesh and lime finish coat

STEICO products for façade renovation

STEICOsill mineral

Abdichtungssystem für Fensteröffnungen bei Mauerwerkswänden.


STEICOprotect 037

High-insulation wood fibre insulation board for facade insulation λD 0.037.