STEICO wall constructions – Ecology, energy efficiency and security

Wall construction "Timber Frame"

Thermal bridge-optimised frame construction with STEICO I-joists

  1. 12.5 mm platerboard interior wall cladding, 15mm OSB (taped for diffusion control).
  2. Slim STEICO I-joists reduce thermal bridges and improve energy efficiency compared to solid timber cross-sections.
  3. Ecological STEICO cavitiy insulation, e.g. STEICOflex  for outstanding energy efficiency and maximum summer heat protection.
  4. Rigid wood fibre insulation boards for cladding or render applications. Particularly water vapour diffusion open. External insulation layer provides thermal bridge free construction.
  5. Timber cladding or render system

STEICO timber frame constructions – ideal for prefabrication

High performance timber frame construction with reduced materials, yet robust and future proof solutions can be easily achieved – whilst also incorporating advanced building physics principles.

STEICOwall I-joists are ideally suited for prefabrication. In the assembly halls of local timber construction companies, complete wall elements are prefabricated with the highest precision – protected from the weather and partly using state-of-the-art timber construction machinery. The innovative I-joists are particularly dimensionally stable, i.e. in contrast to naturally grown solid wood cross-sections, they do not tend to twist and do not exhibit any drying shrinkage. This precision is also noticeable in the finished wall.

STEICO joist

STEICOwall I-joists are innovative wall studs for outstanding energy-efficient constructions. The slim double-T shape combines maximum load-bearing capacity with low material usage. This significantly reduces thermal bridges. At the same time, the slim shape allows the amount of insulation material in the wall to be increased. The use of web beams can significantly improve the U-value of a building component.



Wall construction "Solid Timber"

Frame construction with solid timber cross-sections and service void

  1. Inner lining (12.5mm plasterboard, service void insulated with STEICOflex, 15mm OSB for vapour control).
  2. 140mm STEICO LVLor solid timber wall studs.
  3. Ecological STEICO cavity insulation, e.g. STEICOflex insulation batts or STEICOzell air injected insulation.
  4. Rigid wood fibre insulation boards, e.g. STEICOduo dry  for cladding or render applications. Particularly water vapour diffusion open. 
  5. Render system, e.g. Baumit

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STEICO products for wall constructions


Innovative wall support for ultimate energy efficiency, e.g. for passive houses.



Laminated veneer lumber for high loads. Type R with synchronous veneer layers.


STEICOprotect dry

Wood fibre insulation board for facade insulation. Made using the dry method.



Cavity insulation made from natural wood fibre. Rapid, environmentally friendly and particularly inexpensive.



Insulation system for installation levels, simple electrical installation.



Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


Wall construction "CLT 1"

Cross laminated timber wall with multi-layer STEICO insulation structure

  1. Internal finish and solid timber wall, e.g. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), 95mm.
  2. STEICOjoist I-joists used as spacers to form compartments for the insulation and carry the loads from the façade. Ideal for highly insulated structures, e.g. for passive houses.
  3. Ecological STEICO cavity insulation, e.g. STEICOzell air injected insulation made of wood fibres. The most economical option for ecologically insulated walls.
  4. Rigid STEICO wood fibre insulation boards for cladding or render applications, e.g. STEICOduo dry 40mm. Particularly water vapour diffusion open.
  5. Render system, e.g. Baumit.

Wall construction "CLT 2"

Cross laminated timber wall with single-layer STEICO insulation structure

  1. Internal finish and solid timber wall, e.g. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), 95mm
  2. Rigid STEICO wood fibre insulation boards for curtain walls or plaster application, e.g. STEICOprotect dry M 180mm. Particularly water vapour diffusion open.
  3. Render system, e.g. Baumit.



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