30% of the heat is lost through the roof of an insulated house

Insulating the loft is an effective and easy way to reduce your heating costs and your CO2 emissions. The lambda value (λ) is important for thermal performance. The lower the value, the better the insulating performance of a material. With a lambda value of only 0.036 W/(m*K), STEICOflex has one of the best thermal performance values of any natural insulation materials.

Loft renovation with STEICOflex

The first layer of STEICOflex is laid between the ceiling joists and for maximum thermal performance, a second layer of STEICOflex is laid to cover the joists. This type of renovation requires no specialist PPE and is an ideal solution for both professional installers and DIY projects.

  1. Existing ceiling joist
  2. STEICOflex between the joists
  3. 140mm of STEICOflex across the joists

Loft insulation with STEICOflex and STEICOtop

Insulation for attic storage and light footfall

  1. 12.5 mm plasterboard (or other existing lining)
  2. Existing ceiling joists
  3. STEICOflex
  4. 18 mm Chipboard
  5. 2 x 80 mm STEICOtop. Provides insulation layer as well as storage and access for light foot-fall.


Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.



Insulation for attic floors. Directly accessible without cover plate.



Innovative support system for ceiling and roof constructions.