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Current News: Q3 Report 2021

13 October 2021: New records for revenues, earnings and profitability

The high demand for ecological STEICO insulation materials and construction products is continuing and has led to new record-breaking revenues and earnings.


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    April 2021Release of Annual Report 2020 together with Q1 Report 2021
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    13. October 2021Planned release of Q3 Report 2021 (after markets close)
    14. October 2021STEICO presents the company to institutional investors at Fachkonferenz Technologie der Börse München (GER, Munich)

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STEICO Equity Story

Global market leader

The STEICO Group is the world market leader in the production and sale of ecological wood fibre insulation materials and a leading supplier of innovative timber construction products. 

Established system provider

STEICO occupies a unique position on the market with the industry's largest product range of ecological insulation materials and an innovative construction systems for timber construction. Almost the entire load-bearing and insulating shell of a building can be constructed with STEICO products. International customer base.

International customer base

The STEICO Group’s international customers come from the timber and construction materials trade, timber construction companies, the pre-fabricated housing industry, the laminated flooring and parquet sector and DIY stores.

Excellent perspectives

The STEICO Group has invested in new products, state-of-the-art production locations, the largest production capacity in the industry, as well as a highly qualified technical and sales team, thus reinforcing its substance and creating the foundations for further growth.

Sustainable products - sustainable production

The STEICO Group relies on sustainable forestry - the wood used comes from forests that are certified according to the strict rules of the FSC® or PEFC. All products have the necessary building authority approvals. In addition, independent product tests by the IBR (Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim) guarantee the high quality of the products. The STEICO Group also sets standards with regard to environmentally friendly production and uses, for example, CO2-neutral biomass as an energy source.

Growth story in a dynamic market environment

Ecological STEICO insulation materials and construction products fit perfectly in the current era of increased ecological awareness. The trend towards more natural products in construction as well as the growing share of timber construction form the basis for STEICO's dynamic growth. Between 2007 and 2019, STEICO realized an average annual sales growth of 9.3%.

Tried-and-trusted management team

Udo Schramek founded STEICO in 1986 and today holds the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. All managing directors have many years of professional expertise, industry experience and are recognized experts in their fields.

Responsible Growth

Ecological and socially responsible actions have always been anchored in STEICO's corporate culture. As a pioneer for sustainable building products, STEICO sets standards. In the past 5 years, for example, more than € 60 million have been invested in measures for more climate protection. 

A large number of awards and quality certificates document our commitment. In July 2021, STEICO was awarded the first Bavarian Resource Efficiency Prize. In spring 2020, STEICO was awarded the ISS Prime Label for its STEICO ESG activities (Environmental, Social, Governance). In 2018, STEICO was recognised by the Bavarian State Government with the "Bavaria's Best 50" award.

More about sustainability


Management Profiles

  • STEICO SE’s CEO is Udo Schramek, born in 1954. He trained as a wholesale and export clerk and formed the company’s predecessor in 1986. He has extensive expertise in sales and production and has in-depth knowledge of the market thanks to his more than 30 years of experience in the wood and construction materials sector. He has used his expertise to grow the STEICO Group to become the European market leader for the production and sale of environmentally friendly wood fibre insulation material. He is also the managing director of Schramek GmbH, STEICO SE’s majority shareholder.

  • Thorsten Leicht was appointed as Managing Director of Production in January 2020. Before taking office, Mr. Leicht held various management positions in the timber industry and prefabricated house industry. Thanks to his many years of extensive professional experience as a graduate engineer specializing in the sawmill industry, timber industry, packaging and prefabricated house industry, he has in-depth knowledge, particularly in operational management.

  • Dr. David Meyer, born in 1971, is the group’s CFO. He studied economic engineering in Kaiserslautern and Paris, and obtained his doctorate from Kaiserslautern Technical University. After working as a consultant he soon held executive positions with various SMEs, including in the construction sector. Dr. Meyer is an expert for corporate finance, accounting, financial accounting and financial control as well as M&A.

  • Uwe Klaus Lange, born in 1961, trained as a carpenter and model builder before graduating in engineering (wood technology) from the University of Applied Technology in Rosenheim. During his career he first worked for several manufacturers of wooden materials equipment in executive positions before moving to a wood fibre insulation materials manufacturer. Uwe Klaus Lange joined STEICO SE in 2003 and first held the position of “Installation engineering/investment STEICO Group” before being appointed as Managing Director for Capital Expenditure and Equipment Technology in September 2015.

  • Tobias Schindler, born in 1972, has held the position of Managing Director Sales since 1 April 2020. Mr. Schindler graduated from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences with a degree in timber construction. During his professional career he gained extensive experience in several companies, both in the prefabricated timber house sector and in the timber industry. Most recently, Mr. Schindler held the position of Sales Manager for Further Processing with an internationally active group in the timber industry.

  • Milorad Rusmir, born in 1957, is the Managing Director responsible for the Timber Trade Division. Milorad Rusmir has been employed as a product manager at STEICO since 1993 and was appointed to the Management Board when STEICO Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 2001. Before joining STEICO, Rusmir, who has a degree in timber engineering, worked for several years as Deputy Director in the international timber trade in Belgrade, among other positions, and therefore has the relevant expertise for the management position at STEICO.

Available Research Studies

M. M. Warburg & Co

Analyst: Mr. Jonas Blum
Coverage since 10/2018
Study available from M.M. Warburg


Analyst: Mr. Norbert Kretlow
Coverage since 07/2018
Study available from Commerzbank

Metzler Capital Markets

Analyst: Mr. Stephan Bonhage
Coverage since 01/2020
Study available from Metzler


Analyst: Mrs.Charlotte Meese
Coverage since 06/2020
Study available at Montega, Bloomberg, Reuters, Capital IQ and DGAP 

Pareto Securities

Analyst: Mr. Dr. Philipp Häßler
Coverage since 07/2021
Research available from Pareto Securities

Further Information

  • NameDateTransactionShares after transaction
    Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH25.07.2007Portfolio after IPO8.605.650 pcs
    Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH03.11.2008Purchase 150.000 pcs8.755.650 pcs
    Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH27.10.2009Sale 150.000 pcs8.605.650 pcs
    Uwe Klaus LangeExisting portfolio before appointment as director-1.142 pcs
    Dr. David Meyer3. quarter 2015Purchase 2.000 Stück2.000 pcs
    Milorad Rusmir---
    Thorsten Leicht---
    Tobias SchindlerExisting portfolio before appointment as director 350 pcs


  • The Annual General Meeting of STEICO was held on June 25, 2020 as a virtual Annual General Meeting. All resolutions were adopted by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the recommendations of the management. For information purposes, the agenda is still available for download.

    The Annual General Meeting 2021 is expected to take place on June 24, 2021. We will inform our shareholders about the details in good time.

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