STEICO internal wall insulation – saving costs, improving the indoor climate

Slim construction, great heating cost savings

STEICO interior insulation is only a few centimetres thick - and yet can improve the energy efficiency of the wall by more than 50%. At the same time, the STEICO solution is particularly safe - because the breathable material prevents mould and moisture damage.

Renovation type: Single layer internal insulation

The modernised wall with the STEICO insulation system

  1. Existing solid brick wall
  2. Render bonding coat
  3. 60mm STEICOinternal (Square edge)
  4. Lime base finish with mesh

Renovation type: Multi layer internal insulation

The modernised wall with the STEICO insulation system

  1. Existing solid brick wall
  2. Existing interior render
  3. 100 mm solid timber or STEICOLVL (38x100) @ 600mm centres
  4. Ecological cavity insulation STEICOflex 036
  5. STEICOmulti renova vapour control membrane
  6. 12.5 mm plasterboard

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STEICO products for internal wall insulation


Interior insulation made of wood fibre.



Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


STEICOmulti membra 5

Stable vapour control layer with fixed sd-value 5m. For interior use.


STEICOmulti tape P

High performance adhesive tape with kraft paper backing. For interior use.



Edge insulating strip made of wood fibre. For floor constructions and drywall constructions.




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