STEICOfloor - the installation system for solid floorboards

Thermal insulation, impact sound insulation
and installation system in one

Solid wood floors are the star among floor types. Not only is the look convincing, the naturally grown planks are also ideal for a healthy living environment. STEICOfloor is an installation system for this type of flooring that is as healthy as it is well thought-out. It allows the floating installation of solid wood planks (no gluing necessary) on any type of unfinished floor - from mineral to flat wood subfloors.

The STEICOfloor insulation system can do more than just insulate: it enables the installation of floorboards without impact sound bridges. The planks are fixed in the integrated installation strip, which is fixed by the stable insulation boards. Since there is no direct contact between the installation strip and the subfloor, there is acoustic decoupling. 

STEICOfloor – step by step

Secure fastening of floorboards

The STEICOfloor system consists of two components: pressure-resistant STEICO wood fibre insulation boards and a laying strip made of STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber. The planks are invisibly screwed into the installation strip via the tongue of the floorboards. The entire floorboard rests fully floating on the pressure-resistant insulation boards.

Optimum sound decoupling

The installation strip is supported on both sides by the stable STEICOfloor insulation boards and has no direct contact with the subfloor. This effectively and permanently interrupts direct sound transmission

Impact sound and thermal insulation combined

With 40 and 60 mm insulation thickness, the STEICOfloor system provides effective impact sound insulation and at the same time offers efficient thermal insulation – for a pleasant walking experience even on cold days.

Produkte für das STEICOfloor System


Laying and insulating system for solid wood flooring. Excellent sound insulation.



Edge insulating strip made of wood fibre. For floor constructions and drywall constructions.


STEICOmulti tape P

High performance adhesive tape with kraft paper backing. For interior use.


STEICOmulti membra 5

Stable vapour control layer with fixed sd-value 5m. For interior use.


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