STEICO roof renovation – climate protection, weather protection and healthy living

λ 0,036 – best insulation performance among natural insulating materials

The so-called lambda value (λ) is important for cold protection. The lower the value, the better the insulating performance of a material. With a nominal value of λD 0.036, STEICOflex 036 has the best insulation performance that can be achieved with natural insulation materials.

This means effective thermal protection, low heating costs and comfortable well-being.

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Protection like an outdoor jacket

The principle is familiar from good outdoor jackets: STEICO insulation materials are "breathable", i.e. vapor-permeable. They offer active moisture management: If moisture gets into the insulating layer, it is conducted to the outside, where it can dry off.

In addition, STEICO wood fiber insulation boards are water-repellent - the roof is protected against rain beginning with the day of installation.  As a second "weather shield" STEICO insulation materials provide permanent protection, lasting for the whole lifetime of the building.

STEICO insulating materials: The multi-talents

Really quiet: because the right insulation can also provide sound insulation.

The unique combination of high raw density and the special fibre structure of the insulation boards make STEICO wood fibre insulating materials particularly effective in sound insulation.

Really smart: added value for your home

Protection against cold, heat and a healthy indoor climate bring tangible added value for the occupants of the house. But ecological insulation can also make a valuable contribution to increasing the value of your property. Because when it comes to a later sale, ecologically renovated houses are usually worth significantly more to buyers.

Really cool: high heat storage capacity in summer heat.

The particularly high volume weight of wood fibre insulation materials is a heat buffer that delays the passage of heat. Put simply: the heat remains trapped in STEICO wood fiber insulation materials until it gets cooler in the evenings.


Renovation type: External insulation

The modernised roof with the STEICO insulation system

  1. The roof is opened from the outside, old in-efficient insulation is removed. The living space remains unaffected by the work. Attic rooms can still be occupied.
  2. Ecological STEICO cavity insulation such as STEICOflex 036 offers excellent protection against cold in winter combined with maximum heat protection in summer. The area between the rafters is fully insulated.
  3. Existing rafters.
  4. The STEICOmulti UDB air tightening membrane prevents air movement in the insulation level.
  5. Stable STEICO sarking and sheathing boards such as STEICOspecial dry supplement the insulation above the rafters. At the same time, the insulation boards protect against rain, wind and snow and can be temporarily exposed to the elements.
  6. Counter batten to provide external ventilation layer / batten and roof finish.


Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


STEICOspecial dry

Sarking and sheathing board made using the dry process. Secure rain protection.



Diffusion-open air sealing and underlay membrane. For new construction and renovation.


STEICOmulti tape F

High performance adhesive tape with special film.


Renovation type: Internal insulation

The modernised roof with the STEICO insulation system

  1. 12.5mm plasterboard
  2. STEICOmulti renova vapour contral membrane for refurbishments
  3. 50mm STEICOflex 036 with battens @ 600mm centres
  4. 50mm STEICOflex 036 with cross battens @ 600mm centres
  5. 50mm STEICOflex 036 between rafters @ 400mm centres (38 x 100). Allows for 50mm ventilation zone within the rafter depth.
  6. Bitumen felt above rafter, battens and tiles

Roof renovation with STEICOflex


Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


STEICOmulti renova

Variable moisture vapour control layer.


STEICOmulti tape P

High performance adhesive tape with kraft paper backing. For interior use.




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