The signature of your building - façades with the STEICO Building System

The façade - diversity without boundaries

The façade is the figurehead of a house. The STEICO Building System offers construction variants where every type of façade design can be realised.

Robust STEICO façade insulation boards form a secure, insulating base for the subsequent façade design – whether timber cladding, rendered or a brickwork finish.

Like a functional jacket for your home

All STEICO façade insulation boards are hydrophobic (water-repellent) and at the same time open to diffusion (vapour-permeable). This form of "breathing" construction ensures excellent weather and moisture protection as an additional protective layer behind the façade cladding.

At the same time, STEICO wood fibre insulation boards are extremely stable and therefore optimally protected against mechanical damage from impacts or blows. STEICO façade constructions thus offer maximum safety for many decades.

We love green. But not on the façade.

External thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with STEICO wood fibre insulation boards offer natural protection against algae and fungi on the façade. The secret is their particularly high heat storage capacity.

During the day, the insulation boards absorb the heat of the day. Due to their high heat storage capacity, the façade cools down very slowly in the evening. The surface remains warmer than with many conventional insulation materials. In turn, little humidity condenses on warm surfaces. And drier surfaces deprive algae and fungi of the basis for life.

Facade variants at a glance

Timber frame construction

In timber frame construction, the compartments between the wall studs are filled with flexible insulating materials, e.g. STEICOflex flexible wood fibre mats or STEICOzell or STEICOfloc air injected insulation. On the outside of the wall, the studs are covered with stable STEICO render boards. These water-repellent wood fibre insulation boards can either be rendered directly or they serve as additional weather protection behind a cladding system. 

Solid timber construction

Even a solid wooden wall must be optimally insulated for long-term energy efficiency. The STEICO Building Systems offers two options for this. With the single-layer insulation construction, render boards up to 240 mm thick are fixed directly to the solid wood wall and then rendered. Alternatively, a substructure with STEICO I-joists is attached to the solid wood wall. The resulting compartments are filled with flexible STEICO insulation materials and covered with stable façade insulation boards. This variant is suitable for rendering as well as for a cladding system.

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STEICO façade products

STEICOprotect dry

Wood fibre insulation board for facade insulation. Made using the dry method.


STEICOprotect 037

High-insulation wood fibre insulation board for facade insulation λD 0.037.



External thermal insulation composite system made using the wet method.


STEICOuniversal black

Black facade insulation board for use with ventilated facades with joints (e.g. rhombus strips).



Sarking and sheathing board made using the wet process. Secure rain protection.



Base sheet for flat sloping roofs and for use behind facings.



Innovative wall support for ultimate energy efficiency, e.g. for passive houses.


STEICOmulti tape black

High performance adhesive tape with special textile.



Cavity insulation made from natural wood fibre. Rapid, environmentally friendly and particularly inexpensive.



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