Efficient and ecological – winter cold protection

Proper insulation cuts costs and protects the climate

Proper thermal insulation is key for low heating energy requirements. Of all the insulating materials made from renewable raw materials, wood fibre insulating materials offer the best insulating performance. The flexible wood fibre insulation batts STEICOflex 036 has the lowest λD-value (0.036) of all natural insulation materials. Occupants notice the energy efficiency of the STEICO building system not only in the (low) heating costs. The perfect thermal building shell ensures cosy comfort in winter. 

Whether roof, wall or floor - whether modernization or new construction - whether rigid insulation board, flexible insulation batts or air-injected insulation: the STEICO building system offers the industry's largest selection of ecological insulation materials for the entire building fabric.

Insulating with STEICO offers double climate protection – by both saving and storing CO2

As they grow, trees extract CO2 from the atmosphere.  When wood is used as an insulating material, CO2 continues to be removed from the atmosphere – for the entire life of the building. This is an essential contribution to gaining time for the climate-friendly transformation of our society. All of the wood used in STEICO products comes from sustainable forestry. This guarantees reforestation and young trees can once again extract CO2 from the atmosphere.

Once installed, STEICO insulating materials ensure a significant reduction in heating energy requirements - and thus also in heating costs - year after year. STEICO insulating materials thus make a double contribution to climate protection.

Speaking of which: Even in production, STEICO uses environmentally friendly biomass instead of coal to generate energy.

Healthy living starts with the right insulation material

STEICO insulation materials support a healthy indoor climate

All STEICO wood fibre insulating materials are made from fresh, untreated coniferous wood and are free from possibly hazardous additives. All STEICO insulation materials are open to diffusion, i.e. permeable to water vapour. They do not form a vapour-tight barrier layer around the building but support intelligent moisture management. If moisture does penetrate the insulation layer, it can dry off to the outside - a constructive protection against mould and moisture damage.

The IBR (Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim – one of the most trusted independend testing institutes in Germany) tests products regarding their effect on human health. The IBR seal of approval certifies that STEICO products are harmless to human health – they contribute to well-being in the home.

Further advantages of STEICO insulation materials

Excellent cold protection

STEICO insulation materials: cold protection, climate protection and heating cost reduction in one.


Protection from summer heat

STEICO wood-fibre insulation materials are leading in summer heat protection.



Diffusion openess protects against mould and supports a healthy indoor climate


Sound protection

Pleasant peace and quiet within your own four walls with STEICO insulation materials.


Fire protection

Just in case: reliable fire protection up to REI 90.


Healthy homes

Ecological STEICO insulating materials: a contribution to more healthy homes.


STEICO insulation materials for the building fabric


Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


STEICOtherm dry

Stable thermal insulation with a wide range of applications, e.g. for on-roof insulation systems.


STEICOprotect 037

High-insulation wood fibre insulation board for facade insulation λD 0.037.


STEICOspecial dry

Sarking and sheathing board made using the dry process. Secure rain protection.



Sarking and sheathing board made using the wet process. Secure rain protection.



Insulation for attic floors. Directly accessible without cover plate.



Cavity insulation made from natural wood fibre. Rapid, environmentally friendly and particularly inexpensive.



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