Weather protection included – reliable protection against rain and moisture

Rainproof sarking boards

STEICO sarking and sheathing boards and wall panels are hydrophobic, i.e., water-repellent. Rainwater’s surface tension cannot break through sarking boards like STEICOuniversal dry but runs off the surface. The panels are provided with a tightly closing, all-round tongue and groove profile and thus offer a rainproofing function and serve as temporary covering.

Suitable as temporary covering for several weeks

STEICO sarking boards can be laid directly on the rafters without battens and instantly provide robust weather protection. Thanks to the special tongue and groove profile, they seal tightly and can be exposed to the elements on roof slopes over 16°. They fulfil three functions in one fell swoop:

  • a windproof layer
  • a secondary water removal layer
  • additional insulation

As sarking boardss, they can be used as temporary covering for several weeks

Reduce constructive thermal bridges

Laying above the rafters effectively reduces structural thermal bridges, even with thin panels. The top of the rafters is insulated and thus warmer, significantly reducing the risk of condensation.

Additional insulation above the rafters

The rafters of old building roofs are often small, but inter-rafter insulation alone does not provide thermal protection that meets modern standards. With insulation above the rafters, the roof can be insulated in a future-proof way without taking up valuable living space under the roof. At the same time, the sound insulation is noticeably improved.

That’s how STEICO sarking boards work

STEICO sarking and wall boards at a glance

STEICOuniversal dry

Sarking and sheathing board made using the "dry process". Secure rain protection.



Sarking and sheathing board made using the wet process. Secure rain protection.


STEICOspecial dry

Sarking and sheathing board made using the dry process. Secure rain protection.



Sarking and sheathing board made using the wet process. Secure rain protection.



Base sheet for flat sloping roofs and for use behind facings.



Combined sarking and render board.


STEICOduo dry

Combined sarking and render board - for roof and wall applications.


Diffusion-open insulation materials for safe moisture management

Wetness is a danger; not just from the outside, but from the inside too. Increased amounts of moisture are produced during showering or cooking, for example. Although the insulation layer is structurally protected from moisture, small holes in the vapour barrier can result in greater moisture penetration if care is not taken. If you have used vapour-permeable insulation material, there is nothing to fear.

All STEICO insulation materials are vapour-permeable, so they allow for safe drying out. In simplified terms, the term "breathing structures" is often used. STEICO insulation materials help keep your construction dry and offer protection against moisture damage, mould and structural damage.

""Whether flexible insulation batt, rigid insulation board or air-injected insulation – all STEICO insulation materials are highly diffusion-open."

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Further advantages of STEICO insulation materials

Excellent cold protection

STEICO insulation materials: cold protection, climate protection and heating cost reduction in one.


Protection from summer heat

STEICO wood-fibre insulation materials are leading in summer heat protection.



Diffusion openess protects against mould and supports a healthy indoor climate


Sound protection

Pleasant peace and quiet within your own four walls with STEICO insulation materials.


Fire protection

Just in case: reliable fire protection up to REI 90.


Healthy homes

Ecological STEICO insulating materials: a contribution to more healthy homes.


Selection of diffusion-open STEICO insulation materials


Cavity insulation made from natural wood fibre. Rapid, environmentally friendly and particularly inexpensive.



Flexible wood fibre insulation mat. Best insulation value of all natural insulation materials.


STEICOtherm dry

Stable thermal insulation with a wide range of applications, e.g. for on-roof insulation systems.


STEICOspecial dry

Sarking and sheathing board made using the dry process. Secure rain protection.


Sorbent insulation materials = good for your room climate

In addition to the room and surface temperature, getting the right level of humidity is essential to creating a comfortable living environment at home. At room temperatures of 20 degrees, we perceive a relative humidity of around 50 percent as pleasant. At less than 40 percent, a room appears very dry, yet at more than 70 percent, it appears uncomfortably oppressive.

STEICO wood fibre insulation materials are sorbent, meaning that they can absorb moisture and release it again. When used indoors, e.g. for drywall or floor and ceiling insulation, they make an important contribution to humidity regulation - and thus help create a perfect room climate.

Healthy for the home: the contribution of wood fibre insulation to a natural room climate.

STEICO insulation materials are moisture-regulating and completely healthy for the home. This has been independently confirmed. All STEICO insulation materials bear the test seal of the Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim (IBR). This means that STEICO wood fibre insulation materials are ideally suited for anyone who wants a healthy living environment.




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