STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber

Dimensional stability, strength and resilience

STEICO LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is one of the most stable wood-based materials. It consists of several layers of approx. 3 mm thick softwood veneers (spruce / pine) that are glued together. This spreads any imperfections evenly over the cross-section, making it as homogenous as can be. This structure gives STEICO LVL maximum strength.

How laminated veneer lumber is used to make STEICO LVL

To make STEICO LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), debarked softwood logs are put in hot water to soften and are then peeled into veneer layers in a rotation process. The veneers are dried, sorted, glued, pressed and cut to their final format. The clever bit: where naturally grown wood has flaws, such as knots, stretching over the entire cross-section, STEICO LVL restricts the flaw to a single sheet of veneer. This is what makes STEICO LVL so resilient.


All veneer layers in the rod-shaped STEICO LVL R components are glued lengthways. High-performance wood-based material for rod-shaped components such as floor beams, rafters, purlins, studs, primary beams and much more.


In STEICO LVL X components, around a fifth of the veneer layers are glued crosswise; this significantly increases the load-bearing capacity of panels, as well as the dimensional stability and rigidity. Areas of application: edge planks, reinforcing roof, ceiling and wall formwork, junction plates, roof overhangs and much more.


For STEICO GLVL (Glued Laminated Veneer Lumber), several LVL lamellas are bonded to form large-format components. Areas of application: beams, roof and ceiling elements, thresholds, heads and much more.

The benefits of STEICO LVL at a glance

The tougher the task, the more suited STEICO LVL is to it - the high-performance material for innovative timber construction. It is much more resilient and dimensionally stable than naturally grown solid wood cross-sections.

Planning made easy

Planners have a range of tried and trusted planning programs to choose from which allow the quick and easy dimensioning of flexible beams. Whether single-span or multi-span, roof or ceiling, with this program, you can dimension a STEICO LVL and STEICOjoist I-joist in just a few steps. 

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The STEICO LVL product range


Laminated veneer lumber for high loads. Type R with synchronous veneer layers.


STEICO GLVL sill and frame

Dimensionally stable, highly resilient, economical and safe.




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