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Since the company was founded in 1986, the name STEICO stands for ecological building products made from renewable raw materials. We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer our customers and partners an integrated timber construction system in which insulating materials and structural building elements complement each other. STEICO is the world market leader in the field of wood-fibre insulation materials. The headquarters of the group is in Feldkirchen near Munich. From there, the Group's administration, sales, technical consulting and research and development are carried out.

Production takes place at three European sites - Czarnków (Poland), Czarna Woda (Poland) and Casteljaloux (France). Sales companies are located in France (Brumath), Great Britain (Caddington) and Poland (Czarnków). STEICO is an international, stock market-oriented and rapidly growing company with around 1,900 employees. We are looking forward to a breath of fresh air and new colleagues.

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