Natural Insulated Passive Panels: NIPPs

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A multi-functional building that can be used as an office, workshop, hobby room, bakery and occasional guest bedroom. The building should be as sustainable as possible with high insulation, thermal mass and airtightness values and minimal requirement for heating or cooling.


  • Wall and roof cassettes made out of Laminated Veneer Lumber STEICO LVL and STEICOjoist enclosed with OSB and blown in wood fibre air injected
  • insulation STEICOzell.
  • Offsite build, transportation to site - reduced labour costs and weather dependency
  • The STEICOjoists ensured a lightweight and easy to install structure with high load bearing capacity and reduced thermal bridging.
  • The building structure was completed in five days
  • The rigid insulation board STEICOspecial dry was utilised as an external insulating layer which provided high thermal efficiency all year round and a healthy and breathable building fabric.

Key advantages

  • Natural materials with low carbon footprint, sustainable and recyclable
  • Wall and roof carbon sequester 4.15 tonnes of CO2eq.
  • Offsite build reduces labour costs and weather dependency, whilst ensuring accuracy
  • Minimal wastage
  • Energy efficient, up to and beyond Passivhaus standards
  • Excellent acoustic insulation

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