Passivhaus PLUS with STEICO & the PH15 Construction Solution

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Certified Passivhaus PLUS Project in Buckinghamshire using the STEICO construction solution with I-joists, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and STEICO air-injected insulation. Designed and manufactured by PH15 Passivhaus Homes.

PH15: The trusted Passivhaus construction method

  • STEICOI-joist pre-cut frame with STEICO LVL beams and lintels, STEICOfloc blown-in insulation to both walls and roof and STEICOspecial or STEICOprotect wood fibre boards.
  • Walls/Roofs are 85% insulation AND ONLY 15% structure.
  • STEICO timber products are vapour permeable, ensuring a safe & robust solution for timber frame houses.
  • The 7kW photovoltaic array generates ALL the energy needs. Without the PV array the house would use 90% less energy than a traditional UK constructed house.

Passivhaus PLUS statistics

  • TFA 345m2, Form Factor 2.3
  • Average fabric U value of the design 0.12W/m2K.
  • Predicted heating demand 9.5kWh/m2 per annum.
  • Glatthaar Passivhaus certified basement construction.
  • Air tight test 0.07 ach@50Pa.
  • 7 kW PV array on roof.

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