STEICOmulti CAPclear

Diffusion permeable, fully self-adhesive and airtight weather protection membrane

  • 3-layer, tear-resistant and flexible
  • high security thanks to fully self-adhesive membrane
  • Airtight, vapour permeable and resistant to driving rain
  • Functional layer protected on both sides by PP fibre fleece
  • High heat and ageing resistance
  • Outdoor exposure of up to 3 months possible


Production and designation EN 13984
Fire class (RTF) according to EN 13501-1 E
Area weight [g/cm²] 215
Temperature resistance [°C] -40 to +70
Processing temperature [°C] > -10, the surface must be dry and free of ice
Max. tensile force longitudinal >200
Max. tensile force transverse >200
Elongation at Max. tensile force longitudinal [%] >30
Elongation at Max. tensile force transverse [%] >30
Tear resistance longitudinal [N] >50
Tear resistance transverse [N] >50
Resistance to water penetration W1
Split silicone liner [cm] 125/25
Outdoor exposure 3 Months
Adhesive Modified acrylate, solvent-free


Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Area/roll [m²] Area/pal. Net [m²] Number/pal. [pcs.]
50000 1500 75 1875,000 25

Processing STEICOmulti CAPclear

  • Substrates must be capable of bearing a load, dry and free from dust and grease
  • Lay the membrane so that the printed side is facing the fitter
  • STEICOmulti CAP has to be applied on the whole surface of the substrate (timber, wood-based material, masonry, concrete). It can be applied

horizontally or vertically. They need to have an overlap of at least 10 cm.

  • Cut the membrane to required length, gradually remove the liner and adhere STEICOmulti CAP progressively at the beginning of the element.
  • Align STEICOmulti CAP and gradually remove the liner and forcefully rub on the membrane
  • Split release liner facilitates the bonding of corners, as initially only one liner can be removed
  • Component joints and penetrations must be made in an airtight manner using STEICO system accessories
  • Avoid standing water. Heavy rains should be evacuated from the building through drains.
  • Process STEICOmulti CAP in span direction of the ceiling element.
  • Local norms and regulations have to be observed.

(Please refer to the product data sheet for detailed information)

Declaration of performance