air injected wood fibre insulation

Environmentally friendly insulation system made from natural wood fibres

  • Multi format insualtion for cavities - free of joints and waste
  • Diffusion open for increased construction security
  • Excellent insulation properties in Winter, excellent heat protection in Summer
  • Particularly economical and ecological insulation material
  • Long term resistance to settlement with minimal material use
  • Sound and fire certificates available


European technical approval (ETA) 12/0011
Fire class (RTF) according to EN 13501-1 E
Fire classification by ITB technical laboratory (EN13501-1+A1:2010) B-s2,d0 (test certificates 01963/17/Z00NZP)
Declared thermal conductivity [W/(m*K)] 0,038
Flow resistance r according to DIN EN 290 [(kPa*s)/m²] 30 kg/m3: >5
Density [kg/m³] • Open blown: attic floor: approx. 32 • Closed cavities: roof, ceiling, wall: approx. 35 - 45
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor µ 1-2
Specific heat capacity [J/(kg*K)] 2.100
Declared level of airflow resistance [(kPa*s)/m²] >5 (n.DIN EN 29053 30 kg/m³)
Ingredients wood fibres, ammonium sulphate as flame retardant


Weight/pcs. [kg] Number/pal. [pcs.]
15,0 21 sacks
270,0 1 Big bale (18 bale each 15 kg)

(Please refer to the product data sheet for detailed information)

Declaration of performance

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