Secure closure of holes in wood fibre boards

The secure closure of drilling holes in wood-fibre insulation boards

  • Sealing plugs for the secure closure of openings and holes e.g. during the assembly of closed timber construction elements
  • Secure closure due to precisely fitting shape
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be plastered over


Produced and supervised according to EN 13171
Board designation WF – EN 13171 – T5 – DS(70/-)2 – CS(10\Y)180 – TR25 – WS1,0 – MU3
Fire class (RTF) according to EN 13501-1 E
Declared thermal conductivity [W/(m*K)] 0,045
Declared thermal resistance [(m²*K)/W] 0,75
Density [kg/m³] approx. 210
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor µ 3,00
Short-term water absorbtion [kg/m²] ≤1,0
Specific heat capacity [J/(kg*K)] 2.100
Compression strength [kPa] 180
Tensile strength perpendicular to face [kPa] ≥25
Declared level of airflow resistance [(kPa*s)/m²] ≥100
Ingredients wood fibre, polyurethane resin, paraffin wax


Thickness [mm]

Diameter [mm]

Number/pack. [pcs.]

35 105 60
35 120 50
35 50 100
35 68 100

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